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Tyler’s Quest – Platformer for the NES (Game, Completed 5/06/19)

This fun, yet long project was a dream project for me.

My goal was simple: make a NES “game” that could run on a real NES.

In reality, I thought I would just make some images display through an emulator. Over a year later and deep into a love/hate relationship with assembly, I had written thousands of lines of assembly, created graphics for all visuals, and produced multiple audio tracks for the NES APU.

It features a title screen, pause menu, text boxes, and two full levels of pure side-scrolling platform action, each with their own unique boss fights and boss music.

Upon completion, I felt I needed to immortalize it beyond source control: this sucker needed to be played on a real Nintendo, on a real cartridge! Complete with label, you can pop this game into any original NES and have some side-scrolling fun!

Shady Acres – Survival Horror VR (Game, WIP)

Set in the early 1900s, this survival horror VR game has you exploring a large mansion-turned-asylum to uncover the mysteries of its past, while still escaping alive.  Strong focus on solving puzzles and riddles while dealing with constraints on inventory space, rare healing opportunities and ammo management.

This was developed with and targeted for the Oculus Rift.

A Hero’s Tale – 2D Platformer (Prototype)

Good ‘ol run-n-gun– err…run-n-sword! Jump into this hero’s tale of adventure of MegaMan inspired platforming and level design. Unique boss fights, upgradable powers and jammin’ tunes!

Rubicon: A World Torn Asunder (Game, Released: 10/2/18)

A nostalgic throwback to the rebirth of gaming, when Atari 2600 and Nintendo NES were dominant in the industry, mixed with modern mechanics and game play to give a blend of styles. 7 Unique dungeons and bosses, large overworld with secrets, and helpful items that make for a rewarding and overall fun experience. A large emphasis on exploration and minimal hand-holding: a truly nostalgic touch.

Math Adventure Island (Game, Released: 5/16/16)

Math Adventure Island is a teacher-approved, fun and engaging way to solidify the skills of Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication. Built from concepts direct from school-certified education plans, kids are challenged in a proven method of learning. Kids are positively reinforced by rewarding each achievement in varying levels of difficulty.
Challenges are split up strategically to promote a sense of progression and accomplishment, complimented well with “mini-games” that stimulate hand-eye coordination (not to mention fun).
So pack your backpack, put on your safari hat: you’re about to go on a journey to Math Adventure Island!

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With years of experience, I’ve contributed to numerous projects, small to huge, that’s helped my ever-expanding skillsets. Making games? See my contact information below and get in touch.

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I’m a programmer through and through, loving every second of it. I can prototype quickly and iterate often to find the right feel before contributing to a polished, finished product. While my domain of choice is code, I get by with my skills of art and music too!

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I am an extremely passionate engineer and leader with interest in nearly all aspects of software and technology.  I enjoy solving problems, finding innovative and creative solutions and delivering outstanding software.

On any given Saturday morning, you’ll find me with laptop in tow making games as development is my hobby in addition to my job.

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